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KLIOS, Inc. completed (April 2006) a life sciences study for the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC) and the Southside Bethlehem Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ) 

Pennsylvania Manufacturing TechFormation 2006 (data analysis completed for Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development; April 2006)

Economic Impact of the Rutgers Camden Small Business Incubator (for Rutgers University; February 2006)

Pennsylvania TechFormation 2005 (data analysis completed for Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development; January 2005)

Pennsylvania BioScience:  State of the Industry Report (June 2004; for Pennsylvania Bio)

Pennsylvania BioScience Directory (June 2004; for Pennsylvania Bio)

Journey-to-Work:  An Economic Analysis of Intercounty and Interstate Commute Patterns in the Greater Philadelphia Region  (February 2004; for The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce)

Innovation Philadelphia:  Innovation & Entrepreneurial Index (October 2002; for Innovation Philadelphia)

Team Pennsylvania Annual Report (September 2002; for Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center; made possible by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development)

"Cryptography and Export Controls" (in Business-To-Business Internet Exchanges, (Theresa Loscalzo, editor) published by Aspen Law & Business; ISBN 0735529396; July 2002)

Hudson River Regional Economic Impact Analysis:  Impact of Environmental Remediation (April 2001; for Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc. & Scenic Hudson, Inc.)

Pennsylvania's Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry (1998; for Ben Franklin Technology Partners & Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)


New Rules for the New Economy in the New Millennium (June 2006; presented at the Global Creative Economy Convergence Summit; Philadelphia, PA)

Regional Asset Mapping (December 2003; presented at the United Nations Forum, Science & Technology Parks:  New and Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development; Philadelphia)

Technology Commercialization and Industrial Development (August 2003; presented at the invitation of the United States Embassy, Montevideo, Uruguay)

A Brave New World:  From Bio to Pharma in the New Millennium (April 2002; presentation to Pharmaceutical Consulting Consortium, Inc.)

Using BLS' Covered Employment and Wages Program (ES-202) to Describe a Community's Economic Health (March 2002; presentation at the annual conference of the National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting)

Previous Articles

A Perspective on Foreign Direct Investment in the United States (in Global Commentary; Global Interdependence Center, University of Pennsylvania, June 2003, Vol. 1 No. 1)

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Watching the Economy:  The Incredible Shrinking Recovery (September 2002)

Watching the Economy:  Has the Smoke Cleared?  Not Yet (July 2002)

The Economic Outlook:  Spring 2002 (May 2002)

The Role of Government and Citizen Participation:  Part 1 (May 2002)


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