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Consulting on innovation, growth and sustainable economic development.

Improving the economic health of regions, their businesses and residents.



KLIOS, Inc. works in the United States and abroad with private businesses, government agencies, civic and trade organizations, higher education institutions and NGOs.
Our expertise includes economic and market research, analysis, strategy, planning and entrepreneurial development.
Our experience spans a number of industries, including:
  • Banking & finance;
  • Bioscience;
  • Environmental;
  • High technology;
  • Higher education;
  • Non-profit management.

Our project experience includes:

  • Business development;
  • Competitive intelligence;
  • Economic & feasibility analysis;
  • Market research;
  • Metrics design;
  • Program implementation;
  • Public policy analysis;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Technology assessment.

Sample projects that KLIOS, Inc. has been involved with, include:

  • Business strategy and planning;
  • Corporate strategy relating to mergers and acquisitions;
  • Economic development strategy;
  • Economic impact analyses;
  • Investment strategy and selection;
  • Market analysis and market share studies;
  • Program performance evaluation;
  • Scenario development.



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